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At the heart of our approach lies a revolutionary departure from conventional healthcare norms—a revival of basic principles for abundant health and prosperity. We empower individuals to redefine healthcare, inspiring them to reclaim their personal, professional, and family life, and extending this empowerment to the broader community. Our essence is founded on the belief that health is the harmonious integration of physical, mental, spiritual, and communal aspects of life. Through this transformative journey, we value freedom of choice, enabling individuals to seize control of their lives for themselves, their families, and communities. Committed to the greater good, we nurture collective well-being beyond the individual. True health is not a distant destination; it's a courageous path we tread together, fueled by curiosity, vulnerability, unwavering determination, and guided by love and understanding.

Our Mission

Core mission of The Original Vitals

The core mission of The Original Vitals is to empower individuals with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to understand healthcare, reclaim control of their lives, and achieve comprehensive well-being—free from the burdens of illness and disease. Through a holistic educational approach, personalized coaching, and transformative experiences, we lead individuals on a journey of inner growth, resilience, and self-empowerment. Our purpose is to ignite the inner fire within each person, helping them unlock their innate potential and embrace a life filled with vitality, purpose, and vibrant health.

At the core of The Original Vitals, our resolute mission is to ignite the inner fire within individuals, equipping them with essential tools to grasp control of their lives and reclaim ownership of their health. Through comprehensive education, profound understanding, unwavering motivation, steadfast support, and expert guidance, we pave the path of a life-changing journey toward innate transformation. Guided by values encompassing respect, representation, resilience, responsibility, and reflection, our foundation is fortified by pillars of integrity, unity, compassion, empowerment, stewardship, continuous learning, and evidence-based practice.

As we embark on this transformative journey together, unity becomes a guiding principle as we acknowledge that the pursuit of thriving health knows no borders. By cultivating a nurturing community, we lay the foundation for a global movement, where ripples of positive change touch individual lives and communities worldwide.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless saga of the phoenix, our journey echoes the tale of courage and transformation. Like this mythical creature that rises triumphant from the ashes, we too face challenges with unyielding strength. As the phoenix’s story has taught us, adversity can be a catalyst for remarkable change towards growth. Our collective journey embodies this enduring wisdom.

Our Vision

Empowering Transformative Journeys towards Abundance.

At The Original Vitals, we envision a world where individuals harness the courage to understand, unlock, and transform their health, unlocking a life filled with vitality, purpose, and profound value. Our vision is rooted in the belief that everyone has the potential to thrive when equipped with knowledge, guidance, and unwavering support. Through education and a commitment to prevention and correction, we pave the way for this inspiring journey of health and fulfillment.

Transformation is no longer an abstract concept but a tangible reality that encompasses the realms of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we recognize that the pursuit of our optimal selves necessitates continuous learning and understanding, everlasting evolution, and limitless growth.

At The Original Vitals, we believe in the power of simplicity, cultivating a mindful perspective, nourishing with whole foods, savoring life's inherent joys through a slower pace, and valuing personal connections. Through shared inspiration, we nurture a global community by wholeheartedly adopting these essential principles, encompassing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Guided by unwavering values of respect, representation, resilience, responsibility, and reflection, The Original Vitals stands for integrity, unity, compassion, empowerment, stewardship, learning, and evidence-based practice. With dedication to patient advocacy, we uphold loyalty, duty, courage, commitment, and unwavering excellence. The Original Vitals envisions a world where individuals, communities, and the global collective thrive in holistic abundance, bound by shared values and transformative growth.

The Original Vitals is a beacon of knowledge and inspiration, guiding individuals to ignite their longevity through the transformative power of purpose. It serves as a reminder to cultivate genuine self-love and align one’s life with deeply-held values, ultimately leading to a life of enduring health and fulfillment.

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Business Brand Identity

Our brand exudes a dynamic personality that empowers, educates, and transforms.

We are a beacon of knowledge and inspiration, guiding individuals to take charge of their health and well-being. Our holistic approach values the integration of physical, mental, spiritual, and communal aspects, recognizing that true health is a balanced coexistence of these facets.

We are deeply committed to educating individuals about healthcare, redefining its meaning, and providing essential skills for enduring well-being. Our dedication extends beyond individual health to the greater good, fostering unity and support among communities worldwide. The brand encourages a courageous journey of well-being, liberating individuals from the chains of chronic illness and disease.

We embody resilience, helping individuals overcome obstacles in all aspects of life – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. The brand blends ancient healing wisdom with modern innovation, pushing beyond conventional norms, reshaping the approach to health and well-being.

Acknowledging no borders in the pursuit of thriving health, we foster a global community where positive change ripples through individual lives. Our transformative journey embraces the wisdom of the phoenix, using transformation as a catalyst for remarkable change towards growth.

“The Original Vitals” is accountable and disciplined, emphasizing the importance of discipline and accountability in personal health journeys. It is a brand that inspires and guides individuals on a transformative journey of inner growth, resilience, and self-empowerment, fostering a life filled with vitality, purpose, and vibrant health.

Short and Long Term Goals

Goals and Objectives

Holistic Health Empowerment

Short-Term Goal

Launch an online platform within the next six months offering webinars, blogs, and resources to educate and empower clients about proactive health practices and preventive care.

Long-Term Goal

Establish an accredited educational arm within the next two years, providing comprehensive courses on holistic health, integrative medicine, and lifestyle management.

Comprehensive Wellness Reach

Short-Term Goal

Expand the team within the next year, including specialists in gastrointestinal, environmental, immune, hormone, cardiometabolic, and bioenergetic health.

Long-Term Goal

Develop collaborative partnerships with renowned global wellness experts within the next three years to enhance comprehensive wellness offerings.

Community Connection and Impact

Short-Term Goal

Launch community support groups and events within the next three months to connect individuals facing similar health challenges and foster a sense of community.

Long-Term Goal

Establish a foundation supporting global community health initiatives within the next five years, contributing to positive change and well-being.

Global Presence

Short-Term Goal

Launch an international awareness campaign within the next year to extend reach beyond local boundaries and create a global community focused on well-being.

Long-Term Goal

Establish physical wellness hubs and partnerships in key global locations within the next five years, creating a network of 'The Original Vitals' practices worldwide.

Brand Authority and Recognition

Short-Term Goal

Develop strategic partnerships with industry influencers and media outlets within the next six months to position 'The Original Vitals' as a leading authority in holistic healthcare.

Long-Term Goal

Attain international recognition as the go-to destination for transformative well-being within the next five years, solidifying the brand's position as a global leader.

Revolutionary Educational Platform

Short-Term Goal

Launch an online educational platform within the next year, providing courses, workshops, and resources that redefine healthcare and empower individuals.

Long-Term Goal

Develop a comprehensive curriculum within the next three years, integrating ancient healing practices with modern innovation.

Community Well-being Initiatives

Short-Term Goal

Establish local community outreach programs within the next six months, providing health education and resources to underserved populations.

Long-Term Goal

Expand community initiatives globally within the next four years, contributing to positive health outcomes and fostering a sense of unity worldwide.


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